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  • 初中英語閱讀理解訓練(二)

    所屬專題:2015年中考英語  來源:互聯網    要點:初中英語閱讀理解  
    編輯點評: 閱讀理解在中考英語中所占比分很重,做好閱讀理解意味著離英語高分更近了一步,同學們平時一定要勤于練習哦,下面跟小編一起練習吧。


    Recently, an Internet game has become a new fashion among young office workers and students. People can “farm“ on a piece of “land“ and “grow“, “sell“ or even “steal“ “vegetables“, “flowers“ and “fruits“ on the Internet.

    They can earn some e--money and buy more “seeds“, “pets“ and even “houses“. Joyce interviewed some young people. Here are their opinions.

    Harold: I don’t quite understand why they are so mad about the childish game. Maybe they are just not confident (自信的) enough to face the real world.

    Allan: I enjoy putting some “bugs“ in my friends gardens and we’ve become closer because of the game. Having fun together is the most exciting thing about it.

    Laura: You know, people in the city are longing for (渴望) the life in the countryside. It reduces (減少) my work pressure (壓力); besides, it gives me the exciting experience of being a “thief“.

    Ivy: Well, it’s just a waste of time. Teenagers playing the game spend so many hours on it that they cannot focus on (專注于) their study.

    1  According to the passage, people can’t _______ things in this game.

    A. grow     B. borrow    C. steal     D. sell

    2  People can buy more things with ________ in the game.

    A. e—money   B. houses    C. seeds     D. vegetables

    3  Among the people Joyce interviewed, _______ dislikes the game.

    A. Laura     B. Allan     C. Harold     D. none

    4  From Laura’s words, we can guess that she’s most probably ______.

    A. a students   B. an office worker   C. a farmer     D. a thief

    5  Ivy thinks the Internet game is bad for ________.

    A. adults    B. thieves     C. policemen      D. teenagers

    6  Which is not the reason why people like the game?

    A. They are longing for country life. 

    B. They can have fun with friends.

    C. They are confident enough to face the real world.

    D. The game can relax people and give them a new experience.