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  • 初中英語閱讀理解訓練(一)

    所屬專題:2015年中考英語  來源:互聯網    要點:初中英語閱讀理解  
    編輯點評: 閱讀理解在中考英語中所占比分很重,做好閱讀理解意味著離英語高分更近了一步,同學們平時一定要勤于練習哦,下面跟小編一起練習吧。


    Last Friday a storm swept through two villages in the New Territories,   destroying (摧毀) fourteen homes. Seven others were so badly damaged (破壞)  that their owners had to leave them, and fifteen others had broken windows or broken roofs. One person was

    killed, several were badly hurt and taken to hospital, and a number of other people received smaller hurt. Altogether over two hundred people were homeless after the storm.

    A farmer, Mr. Tan, said that the storm began early in the morning and lasted for

    over an hour.“I was eating with my wife and children,” he said, “When we heard a loud noise. A few minutes later our house fell down on top of us. We tried our best to climb out but then I saw that one of my children was missing. I went back inside and found him, safe but very frightened.”

    Mrs. Woo Mei Fong said that her husband had just left for work when  she felt that her house was moving. She ran outside at once with her children.

    “There was no time to take anything,” she said, “A few minutes later, the roof came down.”

    Soldiers helped to take people out of the flooded (水淹的) area and the welfare department (福利機構) brought them food, clothes and shelter.

    1 How many homes altogether (總共) were damaged in the storm?

    A. Fourteen                                 B. Twenty-one

    C. Twenty-nine                            D. Thirty-six

    2 Where was Mr. Tan when the storm first began?

    A. He was in bed.                              B. He was inside the house.

    C. He was outside the house.                 D. He was on the roof.

    3 Mrs. Woo and her family didn’t get hurt because _________.

    A. her husband knew there would be a storm

    B. they were all inside the house when the storm became worse

    C. she felt the house was moving

    D. the welfare department helped her

    4 The underlined word “shelter” in this passage means ______.

    A. something to eat        B. something to wear

    C. somewhere to study  D. somewhere to stay

    5 Which of he following may be the best title for this passage?

    A. A Terrible Storm       B. A Lucky Woman

    C. Good Soldiers           D. Clever People