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  • 2015年梅州市中考英語模擬試題

    所屬專題:2015年中考英語  來源:中小學教育教學網    要點:中考英語模擬試題  
    編輯點評: 2015年梅州市中考英語模擬試題供你學習。

    第一節  聽下面五段對話,每段對話后有一個問題,從各題所給的 A、B、C 三個選項中,選出一個最佳選項,并在答題卡上將該選項涂黑。(本節只聽一遍)
    (    ) 1. Where is John now?  A. At home.                        B. On a bus.                    C. At school.
    (    ) 2. What time do you think they got to the library?  A. 10: 00.         B. 16:00.         C. 17:15.
    (    ) 3. Why is Kate worried?
    A. Because she left her homework at home.     B. Because she missed the school bus.
    C. Because she was late for school.
    (    )4. What can be the relationship (關系) between the two speakers?
    A. Doctor and nurse.           B. Doctor and patient.      C. Teacher and student.
    (    ) 5. Why does the woman ask the man to turn down the music?
      A. Because she can’t hear the music.     B. Because she is listening to the radio.
      C. Because she is watching the news on TV.
    第二節   聽下面六段對話,每段對話后有兩個或三個問題,從各題所給的 A、B、C 三個選項中,選出一個最佳選項,并在答題卡上將該選項涂黑。(本節聽兩遍)
    (    ) 6. What is the woman going to watch?
      A. A basketball match.          B. A football match.           C. A volleyball match.
    (    ) 7. What does the man do?  A. A worker.          B. A policeman.            C. A student.
    (    ) 8. What does Jenny like?   A. Junk food.                B. Fruit.                    C. Milk.
    (    ) 9. How often does David eat fruit?A. Never.             B. Often.               C. Every day.
    (    )10. Where did Jane go to be a volunteer during the holiday?
    A. A factory.             B. A disabled children’s home.       C. The Children’s Palace.
    (    )11. What did the man do in summer holiday?
    A. Told stories.               B. Cleaned the rooms.            C. Stayed at home.
    (    )12. Where is the nearest animal hospital?
    A. Between a school and a bank.     B. Between a bank and a post office.
    C. Between a post office and a school.
    (    )13. How far is the nearest animal hospital?
    A. About ten minutes’ walk.    B. About half an hour’s walk.   C. About an hour’s walk.
    (    )14. How will the woman go to the animal hospital?
    A. By subway.                B. By bus.                 C. By taxi.
    (    )15. What day is it today?  A. Saturday.             B. Sunday.               C. Monday.
    (    )16. Where will they go?  A. The beach.            B. The park.             C. The zoo.
    (    )17. How many people will go there?   A. Three.          B. Four.               C. Five.
    (    )18. What is Lucy going to do?
      A. Visit her friend.          B. Buy some presents.       C. See her Chinese teacher.
    (    )19. What day is the day after tomorrow?
      A. Mothers’ Day.              B. The Spring Festival.        C. Teachers’ Day.   
    (    )20. What is Lucy going to buy for Miss Zhao at last?
    A. A postcard.                 B. Some flowers.            C. Some books.
    聽短文,根據短文內容在各題所給的 A、B、C 三個選項中,選出一個最佳選項,并在答題卡上將該選項涂黑。(本題聽兩遍)
    (    )21. The computer was invented in _________.
    A. the 19th century              B. the 20th century           C. the 21st century
    (    )22. Computers in the 1960’s were _________.
    A. small and light            B. heavy but cheap         C. large and expensive
    (    )23. Today _________ people use the Internet every day.
    A. millions of               B. thousands of            C. hundreds of 
    (    )24. _________ is more and more popular among students.
    A. Writing letters            B. Sending e-mails          C. Using mobile phones
    (    )25. Some people like reading paper books because ________.
    A. they don’t know how to use the computers
    B. they can’t read or write on line with friends
    C. they think they are friendlier


    The Smiths’ Shopping Day
    When to go shopping On (26) ___________ morning.
    Where to go The (27) ____________.
    What to buy (28) ___________dresses for Lily, four kilos of (29) ___________ 
    and bananas.
    How to get back home On (30) ___________.

    (    )31. --- What_________ useful book it is!     ---- Yeah, it tells you how to play________ guitar.
          A. an; the          B. a; a        C. a; the          D. an; a
    (    )32. —Are these books ______ ?   —No, they are not mine.They belong to ______.
    A. your; her              B. yours; her       C. you; hers             D. yours; she
    (    )33.—Which of the two T-shirts will you take?
    —I’ll take ________.One is for my brother and the other is for myself.
    A. either                          B.both                       C.neither                    D.all
    (    )34. – Does his grandfather live __________?
            -- Yes, but he never feels ________ because he likes gardening very much.
          A. lonely; alone     B. alone; lonely     C. lonely; lonely    D. alone; alone
    (    )35.— It's said that a pianist will perform at Liangsheng Hakka Theater on Friday evening. Is it Lang Lang?
            — Yes, it _______ him. He __________ for a week.
    A. must be; has been her                  B. maybe; has been here
          C. must be; has arrived here e              D. maybe; has arrived here
    (    )36.– I’ve just bought a new mobile phone, but I don’t know ____________.
    --You’d better read the instructions first.
          A. where to mend     B. how to make     C. how to use it       D. what to use
    (    )37. Students need at least _______ sleep a day.
          A. eight hours’ of         B. eight hour’s         C. eight hours’     D. eight hours
    (    )38.The mobile phone has influenced people’s life a lot since it ________.
          A. invents     B. invented     C. is invented    D. was invented
    (    )39. I ______ in this small mountain village when I was a child. But now I _____ in the big city.
          A. used to live; am used to living         B. used to living; used to live
          C. used to live; am used to live          D. used to live; used to living
    (    )40. —Would you like_________Baisui Hill with us next Sunday afternoon?
    —I will go with you unless my mother _________me.
    A. climbing; refuses        B. climbing; will refuse
    C. to climb; refuses         D. to climb; will refuse
    (    )41. I've heard that Zhuhai Chime-Long Ocean Kingdom is one of ____ ocean parks in Asia.
          A. very large        B. the larger        C. much larger        D. the largest
    (    )42. ----_______ good time we had at the party last night!
    ----Yes. It was _____ exciting party that I would never forget it.
    A. What; so    B. How; such     C. What a: such an        D. How a; so an
    (    )43---How many ________ teachers are there in your school?
    ---- _______ them________ over two hundred.
    A. woman; The number of; is               B. women; The number of; is
    C. woman; A number of; is                 D. women; A number of; are
    (    ) 44. --- Could you please tell me  ________ ?       ---Tomorrow morning.
    A. when to leave for Beijing               B. how long can I keep the book
    C. how I can get to the post office           D. where I should take the early bus
    (    )45. --Would you mind my _______the window?
    --You'd better not.
    A. close      B. closing       C. to close     D .closed
    (    )46.It’s clever ________ you ________ out the maths problem.
    A.to;working        B.of;to work            C.for;to work           D.of;working
    (    )47. –Are you a soccer player in your school?
           --Yes, I ______ the team two years ago. I ____ in the team for two years.
          A. have joined; have been  B. was joined; am  C. joined; was   D. joined; have been
    (    )48.This pair of shoes ________ hand, and it ________very comfortable.
          A. is made with; is felt        B. are made from; is felt 
    C. are made of; feels          D. is made by; feels
    (    )49.The Olympic Games of 2016 will ________ in Brazil.

    1. take after  B. take off  C. take place  D. take away

    (    )50. — ____________________        -- It’s pretty. I like it very much.
    A. What do you think it?        B. What do you think of it?
    C. How do you think of it?      D. How do you think about it?
    These days, a new kind of restaurant is becoming popular. People who go there can not only enjoy their  51 , they can also enjoy playing computer games and  52   with their family and friends on the Internet. uWink is the restaurant’s name. It is in Los Angeles, and it’s about fun and food.
    In uWink, there are   53  waiters or waitresses around you. The screens have replaced (取代) them. You can order the food you want by touching the screen in front of you and runners will bring  54 to the tables. You can   55    play video games with the people at the next table. The screens can show  music videos, movies and so on, though mainly they  56   show video games.
    It’s an interactive (互動) restaurant   57  you will control your meal and your fun. The service is fast  and the runners know clearly where to go. There will be no waiting for a waiter, and no misunderstandings (誤解) in the   58  . Different kinds of foods are    59   at any time of a day. uWink is a place which hosts “room games” too, where every table in the restaurant can have a video game competition at the same    60  .
    The owner of the restaurant hopes that uWink can make it easy for people to be interactive, have fun and enjoy a delicious meal.
    (    )51.A. music               B. meals                      C. activities                D. smile
    (    )52.A. put off               B. cheer up                  C. set up                     D. have fun
    (    )53.A. no                    B. enough                   C. some                      D. few
    (    )54.A. them                B. her                         C. him                        D. it
    (    )55.A. only                 B. hardly                    C. also                        D. always
    (    )56.A. used to       B. are used to       C. are used for      D. get used to
    (    )57.A. which              B. where                     C. what                      D. that
    (    )58.A. shop               B. school                    C. window               D. kitchen
    (    )59.A. served             B. cleaned                  C. bought                 D. taken
    (    )60.A. year                B. money                   C. time                     D. food
    Waste can be seen everywhere in the school. Some students ask for more food than they can eat and others often forget to turn off the lights when they leave the classroom. They say they can afford these things. But I don't agree with them.
    Waste can bring a lot of problems. Although China is rich in some resources(資源) , we are short of (缺乏) others, for example, fresh water. It is reported that we will have no coal(煤) or oil to use in 100 years. So if we go on wasting our resources, what can we use in the future and where can we move? Think about it. I think we should say no to the students who waste things every day. Everybody should stop wasting as soon as possible.
    In our everyday life, we can do many things to prevent waste from happening, for example,
    turn off the water taps(水龍頭) when we finish washing, turn off the lights when we leave the
    classroom, try not to order more food than we need, and so on. Little by little, everything will be changed. Waste can be stopped one day, if we do our best.     
    (    )61. From the passage we know that some students often _____ in the school. 
    A. eat too much    B. don't work hard    C. waste things    D. throw rubbish everywhere
    (    )62. Which is not mentioned in this passage?  
    A. Fresh water.         B. Forest.          C. Oil.          D. Coal.
    (    )63.What may happen in 100 years?
    A. We may still have enough oil.    B. We may still have enough coal.
    C. We may have a little oil.         D. We may have no coal or oil to use.
    (    )64. Which of the following is right?
    A. Waste brings problems.  B. Waste can bring no problem.   
    C. China is rich in fresh water.   D. Students never waste things.
    (    )65. Which is the best title of this passage?

    A. Stop Wasting   B. School life   C. Waste in the School   D. Rich Resources in China
    Imagine the situation. You are driving along a desert or on a mountain. You have no idea where you are. You passed the last house two hours ago. Then your car breaks down. It is night and it is cold. You have no mobile phone. What do you do? Well, next time take a GPS with you. This invention may be able to help you. It is a device (裝置) which uses satellites to find the user’s position. It can find your position in 20 meters. A GPS can’t start your car, but at least you will know where you are.
    GPS, which means Global Positioning System, is a small radio receiver. It looks like a mobile phone. You can hold it in your hand, or put it in your pocket. It is sometimes put into a watch or a telephone. We also find GPS devices in cars, planes, or boats. Some of these devices have electronic maps, so you know where you are. For example, in a city they can tell you the name of the street.
    There are three parts to the Global Positioning System. The first part is the receiver. You can hold it in your hand, or have it fixed into your car, plane, etc. The second part is a group of satellites orbiting(圍繞) the earth. The receiver contacts at least four of the satellites and calculates its position. The third part of the system is a network of ground stations. They are all over the world. They control the satellites and make sure they are working well.
    Some people think that in the future the GPS will be as common as the mobile. They are becoming cheaper and more and more accurate(精準). There are also many new uses for the GPS. Perhaps they will become like watches. Everyone will have one and you will never be lost again.
    (    )66.With the help of GPS, people  ______.
    A. can’t be lost in a new city       B. can’t find their way in different countries
    C. can start the car               D. can learn about the culture of an unknown place
    (    )67.GPS means ___________in Chinese 
    A.球狀衛星     B.衛星地點     C. 全球衛星定位系統           D.接收器
    (    )68. ______is not the part to the Global Positioning System.  
    A. Ground stations       B. Satellites         C. Receivers           D. A mobile
    (    )69. Maybe in the future the GPS will be _________. 
    A. cheaper than mobile phones        B. as common as watches.
    C. having few new uses             D. more accurate than now.
    (    )70. From the passage we know that ______.
    A. people can drive along a desert easily.      
    B. All GPS devices have electronic maps 
    C. Ground stations control the satellites and make sure they are working well.      
    D. Everyone will use the GPS for free.

    ( ) 71. Paul is poor in his study, and he always feels shy to talk with others, so he has very few friends.
    ( ) 72.Sara likes to make friends with popular people, because she finds it easier to communicate with them.
    ( ) 73.When Jane is happy, she likes to talk to everyone in her class. But when she feels sad, she doesn’t even say “hi” to anyone.
    ( ) 74. When Peter feels uncomfortable talking with someone; he often looks here and there.
    ( ) 75. Susan is a good student, but she is never sure what to talk about when she stays with others.    
    A. Be confident in yourself. Everyone has its good qualities. People who have self-confidence are more attractive.
    B. It is not polite to look around when talking with people. Try to look people in the eye even you’re not interested in the conversation. Then people will find it easier to talk to you.
    C. Try to make friends with kinds of people, not just with those who are easy to communicate. Then you will find there are greater chances for making friends.
    D. Once you get to know a person, find more chances to meet. For example, you can play soccer together or have a short travel. Then you will each other well.
    E. Try to help others. For instance, look after people who are ill or help people take care of their pets. Be kind to others and you will be treated kindly.
    F. Other people will think you are strange if you are friendly one day and don’t talk the next day. Learn to share (分享) your feelings with others. Share your sadness with others, and you will be happy again.
    G. Care about what’s happening in the world. Read more newspapers, listen to the top CDs, and find out something about new sports or movie stars. Then talk about things that a person may be interested in.


    everyday    good    French  find  17 years old   for  another   brand   product   buy 

    If you go to 76     country, what kinds of things would you buy? Would you buy a camera in Japan, some beautiful clothes in 77     , or a watch in Switzerland? No matterwhat you may buy, you might think those 78    were made in those countries.However, you could be wrong. Kang Jian is a 79   student from Shanghai. Last year he went to visit his aunt and uncle in San Francisco. He 80    it interesting that so many products in the local shops were made in China.“I wanted to buy a toy car
    81     my cousin, but even though most of the toys were American 82   , they were made in China. ”
    Toys are not the only things made in China. “I wanted to buy a pair ofbasketball shoes,” he explains. “But I had to visit five or six stores before finding a pair made in America!”He realized that American can hardly avoid 83   products made in China. “In fact,” he continues, “there were many other things there made in China –footballs, handbags, pet food, mobile phones. Even American flags are made in China!” Kang Jian thinks it’s great that China is so good atmaking these 84 things.However, he wishes that in the future China will also get 85 at making high-technology products that people can buy in all parts of the world.
    A. 信息歸納(本題共5小題,每小題1分,共5分)
                  Information Card

    The full marks of a P.E. test for Junior 3 students[來源:學科網]  86            points
    The month for the P.E. test for students in Nanjing  87          
    The two sports all the boy students in Nanjing must do in the P.E. 
    The result of a research on children health There are less 89               students now.                     
    The reason for students’ good performance in the P.E. test  Lots of   90         

    B. 書面表達(本題15分)根據要求完成短文寫作,請將作文寫在答題卡指定的位置上。
      作為一名即將要參加體育中考的畢業生,你對中考體育考試也一定有自己看法和做法,請你為學校網站寫一篇稿件,與同學們分享你的心得。內容包括:你認為梅州中考體育考試滿分提高到60分好嗎? 為什么?
      As we all know, the full marks of the P.E. test for Junior 3 students in Meizhou are 60 points this year. 

          1.___A_____2.___C_____3.___A______4.____B___ 5. _____C____
          6.___A____7.____C_____ 8.___B_____ 9.____A___10. _____B________
    11.__C____12.____A____13.__B_____14.  __C____15. _____ A _________
    16.___A___17.___C_____18____B____19.____C___20 ______B________
    21.___B____22.____C___23.____A___ 24.__B______25. ____C________
       26.___Friday___ 27. ___supermarket_________28. ___Two_____________
       29. ____apples______30. ____foot________________
    31.__C_______32.___B_____33.____B_____34.___B_____35. ___A_________
          36.___C______37.___C_____38.____D____ 39.___A_____ 40. ___C_________
    41.___D______42.____C____43.____B____44.___A_____ 45. ____B_______
    46.___B______47.___D_____48._____D___49.___C_____ 50. ____B_______
    51___B_______52___D______53___A______54____D_____55. ___C________
    56.___B______ 57.___B_____ 58.___D______59.___A_____60. __C_________
          61.___C_______62.___B_____63.___D______64.__A_______65. ___A_______
    66.___A_______67.___C_____68.____D_____69.___D_____70. __C_________
    71.___A______72.____C____ 73.___F______74.____B_____75.___G________
    A. 信息歸納 (5分)
    86. 30 to 50       87.  April     88. The pull-up and the jumping rope
    89. overweight     90. training                    
    B. 書面表達(15分)
      As we all know, the full marks of the P.E. test for Junior 3 students in Meizhou are 60 points this year. This is good for students. We will exercise more so as to stay strong and healthy because of this new policy.
         Take me as an example. In order to get good grades in the P.E. test, I listened to the teacher carefully in the P.E. class, and did everything as the teacher showed us. What’s more, I made plans to get enough but not too much exercise, about thirty minutes every day. I also ate and rested properly to make sure that I had energy all day.
        You’d better pay great attention (attach great importance) to the physical exercise. Make good use of your time to get ready for your PE exams now!