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  • 中考英語易錯易混知識點集錦(18)

     來源:滬江中學學科網    要點:考點整理  
    編輯點評: 2017中考英語語法易錯易混知識點集錦

    171. The bus ____C__ on the road for 2 hours so far.    
    A. has stopped   B. stopped   C. has been
    Are you __A___ the jacket these days?      
    A. wearing    B. putting on  C. dressing   D. on
    He __C______ foe 2 hours.   
    A. got up   B.  has got up    C. has been up
    You mustn't ___B_____ until he comes back.      
    A. be away   B. leave   C. be left

    172. —These farmers have been to the United States.  —Really ? When _____ there?
    A. will they go  B. did they go  C. do they  go  D. have they gone
    解析:現在完成時與一般過去時容易混淆,就是因為它們所表示的動作都發生在過去,但二者又有區別:一般過去時表示過去某個時間發生的事、存在的狀態或經常發生的動作,說話的側重點在于陳述一件過去的事情,與現在沒有關系;現在完成時表示與現在有關系的發生在過去的動作,它不與表示過去的時間狀語(如yesterday , last week , a moment ago等)連用。故9的正確答案為B.

    173. His father ______ the Party since 1978.
    A. joined    B. has joined     C. was in     D. has been in    

    174. You must make your new house clean and safe __C_____you move in.
    A. because  B. when  C. before  D. until
    I was _______tired _______I couldn't walk on.(A)
    A.so…that     B. too…to  C. very…that     D. very…to
    I thought he ___D____ to see his mother if he time.
    A. will go…has     B. will go …will have C. would go …would have   D. would go …had

    175. Today the forests have almost gone. People must ___C____ down too many trees.
    A. stop from cutting   B. stop to cut C. be stopped from cutting D. be stopped to cut

    176. It's very nice _________ you to get me two tickets _________ the World Cup.(B)
    A. for, of B. of, for C. to, for D. of, to

    177.  My mother was very glad __A____ her old friend.
    A. to meet B. meet C. met D. meets
    解析:"be +形容詞+ to do sth"結構中的不定式作狀語,常表示原因或方式。

    178. . The panda is so fat that it can't go through the hole.(改為意思相同的句子)
    The hole ______ ______ ______ ______ such a fat panda to go through.( is, too, small, for)
    解析:"too +形容詞/副詞(for sb)to do…"(太……而不能……)和"enough (for sb) to do…"(足以、足夠……做……)結構中,不定式作結果狀語。

    179. The new hospital ___ D ___ is near the factory. 
    A. build B. builds C. to build D. to be built
    解析:當不定式的邏輯主語是不定式所表示的動作的承受者(賓語)時,用動詞不定式的被動式,即:to be +過去分詞;如果不定式所表示的動作發生在謂語動詞表示的動作之前,不定式用完成式,即:to have +過去分詞;如果不定式表示的動作和謂語動詞表示的動作同時發生,用不定式的進行式,即:to be +現在分詞

    180.________ China isn't rich now, ________we're working hard to make her richer and stronger (B)
    A. Though; but   B. Though; /C. Both; and   D. Because; so
    解析:so(因此; 所以)為并列連詞,表示結果;because(因為)為從屬連詞,表示原因,但這對因果連詞在句中不可同時并用。but(可是)也為并列連詞,表示轉折,與之對應的從屬連詞though/although (雖然)表示讓步,它們也不可在句中同時使用。