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  • 定語從句專項練習及答案(1)

     來源:滬江中學學科網    要點:試題  
    編輯點評: 初中英語語法之定語從句專項練習及答案

    1. Nearly all the streets are in straight lines, ________ from east to west. Those ________ run from north to south are called avenues.
    A. running; that                       B. run; who
    C. running; who                        D. run; that

    2. This is the case ________ he’s had all his money stolen.
    A. when                                    B. where
    C. that                                    D. on which

    3. Mr. Smith will pay a visit to Beijing this autumn, ________ we will enjoy the Olympic Games in 2008.
    A. where                                   B. when
    C. which                                   D. how

    4. The artist will not paint people or animals but he will paint anything ________ .
    A. that the little girl asks him        B. the little girl asks him to
    C. for the little girl to ask him       D. what the little girl asks him

    5. —How did you get in touch with the travel agent, Robin?
    —Oh, that’s easy. I surfed the Internet and then called one ________ the telephone
    number is provided.
    A. which                                   B. in which
    C. of which                                D. whose

    6. October 15 th is my birthday, ________ I will never forget.
    A. when                                     B. that
    C. what                                     D. which

    7. The treatment will continue until the patient reaches the point ________ he can walk correctly and safely.
    A. when                                     B. where
    C. which                                    D. whose

    8. There are several research centers in China ________ a certain disease called Bird Flu is being studied.
    A. which                                    B. where
    C. when                                     D. what

    9. I hope that the little ________ I have been able to do does good to them all.
    A. which                                    B. what
    C. that                                     D. when

    10. The time is not far away ________ modern communications will become widespread in China’s vast countryside.
    A. as                                          B. when
    C. until                                       D. before

    11. ________ is known to everybody, Taiwan is a part of China. We must unify it.
    A. It                                       B. As
    C. Which                                    D. What

    12. I shall never forget the day ________ Shen Zhou V was launched, ________ has a great effect on my life.
    A. when, which                           B. that, which
    C. which, that                           D. when, that

    13. The bread my wife makes is much better than ________ you can buy at a store.
    A. that which                              B. one that
    C. that of which                           D. this of which

    14. There is no such place ________ you dream of in all this world.
    A. that                                      B. what
    C. which                                     D. as

    15. The people, ________ had been damaged by the flood, were given help by the Red Cross.
    A. all whose homes                      B. all of whose homes
    C. all their homes                      D. all of their homes

    16. The humans are destroying nature day by day, ________ of course, will cause severe punishment from it sooner or later.
    A. who                                     B. when
    C. on which                                D. which

    17. Is this research center ________ you visited the modern equipment last year?
    A. where                                    B. that
    C. the one that                             D. the one where

    18. Some pictures of the river brought the days back to the old ________ they swam in it.
    A. when                                      B. that
    C. who                                       D. where

    19. The man showed us so heavy a stone ________ no man can lift.
    A. that                                       B. as
    C. which                                      D. and

    20. He stayed there for quite a long time, during ________ time he learned much spoken English.
    A. that                                       B. this
    C. which                                      D. same

    1. A. 主語與run(延伸)是主動關系,所以用現在分詞。Those指街道,所以不用who而用that來引導定語從句。
    2. B. 因為在此題中where引導定語從句,表示“在這種種況下”,與in which相當。
    3. A. 因為先行詞是Beijing而不是this autumn所以用where引導定語從句。
    4. B. 答案B是省略了關系代詞that的定語從句,另外,to后還省略了動詞原形paint。
    5. C. 因為of which引導定語從句,并在從句中作定語。of which the telephone number = whose telephone number。
    6. D. 因為這是個非限制性定語從句,先行詞是前面一句話的內容。
    7. B. 因為表示“階段、程度、地步”的the point在定語從句中作地點狀語,所以用where引導定語從句。
    8. B. 因為先行詞是research centers并在定語從句中作狀語,所以用where。
    9. C. 因為當先行詞是表示事物的all, little, few, much, anything, everything, nothing等時,多用that引導定語從句。
    10. 因為先行詞是the time,且在定語從句中作狀語,所以用when引導。此題的先行詞與定語從句被主句謂語分開了,要善于辨別。
    11. B. 先行詞是Taiwan is a part of China整個主句,一般由as或which引導定語從句,但which引導的定語從句只能放在主句之后,另外,as有“正如”之意,而which沒有,所以用as。順便說說,原句改為:It is known to everybody that Taiwan is…= What is known to everybody is that Taiwan is…
    12. A. 兩空都是考查定語從句,先行詞分別是the day和Shen Zhou V was launched, the day在定語從句中作狀語,用when引導;后句是非限制性定語從句,不能用that,要用which。
    13. A. 因為替代不可數名詞 (the bread) 只能用that,排除B和D;又因為先行詞that (the bread) 在定語從句中作buy的賓語,用which,所以選A。
    14. D. 當定語從句的先行詞前有such, so, as等詞語時,由as引導,并且as在定語從句中作主語或賓語,as在此題中作dream of的賓語。注意:在表示“如此…以致…”的such /so…that…結構中,that不作任何句子成份。
    15. B. 考查非限制性定語從句,all of whose homes = all of their homes他們所有的房子。
    16. D. 因為先行詞是前面整個句子,且在從句中作主語,所以用which。of course是插入語。
    17. D. 將疑問句改為陳述句:this research center is…顯然缺少先行詞,必須加上代詞the one來作先行詞,又因定語從句不缺主語或賓語,所以用關系副詞where。假若在this后加the,就選where,請想想這是為什么。
    18. A. 因為先行詞是the days,并在定語從句中作狀語。
    19. B. 當先行詞前有so時,用as引導定語從句,as在從句中作主語或賓語。假若在lift后加上it,答案就是that了,請想想這是為什么。
    20. C. 因前后均的句子,必須要選連詞,排除B和D;又因在介詞后不能用that來引導定語從句,所以選C。during which time在那段時間里。