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  • 中考英語短語句型綜合測試題

     來源:滬江中學學科網    要點:試題  
    編輯點評: 中考英語短語句型綜合測試題

    1. ---It's 10 o'clock now. Tom, it's time for you ___sleep.
    ----Mom, five more minutes.
    A. to go     B. go     C. to go to     D. go to

    2. Life is so boring everyday. I can't wait ___.
    A. doing something different           B. to do something different
    C. doing different something           C. to do different something

    3. Mr. Wu gave some new words to David and asked him ___ on the blackboard.
    A. to write it down    B. to write them down    C. write down it    D. write down them

    4. The boy wanted to play soccer but his mother told him not  ___.
    A. to do     B. do      C. to do it      D. do it

    5. --- Your spoken English is much better.
    --- Thank you. My teacher often asks us ___ English as ___ as possible.
    A. to speak, many           B. not to speak, much
    C. to speak, much           D. not to speak, more

    6. Tom's mom told him ___ eating too much meat.
    A. stopping      B. to stop      C. stops       D. stopped

    7. ---Where is you brother, Bob?
    --- I saw him ___ in the street when i went through the street.
    A. playing    B. play     C. to play     D. plays

    8. Don't forget ___ an umbrella ___ you. It's going to rain.
    A. to take, to    B. taking, to     C. to take, with     D. taking, with

    9. It's too late to invite any more people. ___ , you know how Tim hates parties.
    A. Besides     B. However     C. Still      D. Instead

    10. Tom was so careless that he ___ his right arm when he was riding to school.
    A. hurts        B. hurt        C. hurting       D. hurted