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  • 2016年必考英語語法——不定式否定式的用法的說明

    所屬專題:2015年中考英語  來源:互聯網    要點:初三英語  
    編輯點評: 距2016年中考越來越近,初三的孩子們也進入緊張的備考階段。中考中英語占得比重很大,要想考好英語,英語語法一定得牢固掌握。小編特意為大家準備了2016年必考的英語語法,初三的孩子們一定要抽出時間看看背背。


    1. 不定式的否定式的構成

    通常是將否定詞not或never置于不定式之前,即構成not to do 或never to do 的形式,注意not和never一定要放在不定式符號to的前面,而不是其后面:

    The doctor advised me not to smoke. 醫生勸我不要抽煙。

    It’s politically short-sighted not to do so. 不這樣做在政治上是短視的。

    He strongly advised me not to do so. 他使勁勸我別這樣做。

    Take care not to break it. 小心別把它打破了。

    Be careful not to break anything. 當心別打破什么了。

    She had sense enough not to say anything about it. 她有足夠的頭腦不提此事。

    Father warned me never to drive after drinking. 父親警告我不要酒后開車。

    Visitors are requested not to touch the exhibits. 參觀的人請勿觸摸展品。


    She pretended not to have seen him. 她假裝沒看見他。

    It is nice not to be dependent on others. 不依靠別人是好的。

    You were silly not to have locked your car. 你沒鎖車太傻了。

    2. so as to do sth 和in order to do sth 的否定式


    Study hard so as not to fail the exam. 努力學習,以免考試不及格。

    He came in quietly in order not to wake his wife. 他輕輕進來,以免把他妻子吵醒。

    Go in quietly so as not to wake the baby. 進去時不要出聲,以免把寶寶吵醒。

    Take every precaution so as not to catch cold.采取一切預防措施以免感冒。

    We keep the window shut in order not to let the flies in. 我們把窗子關著以免蒼蠅進來。

    They hid themselves in the cave in order not to be seen by the enemy. 他們躲在洞穴里以免被敵人發現。

    Please reply at once in order not to lose this opportunity of a lower price. 請立即回復,以免失去這次低價的機會。

    They must have worn gloves in order not to leave any fingerprints. 他們一定戴上了手套,以防留下指紋。